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akgl's Journal

Ass-Kicking Gothic Lolitas
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Elegant Gothic Lolitas. They're supposed to be sweet and innocent and invite everyone to tea, right? Well, most of us do. But in the process, most of us come across some real dumbasses who grab our butts as we walk by, make lewd comments, or get bitchy at the club scene.

Are we supposed to smile and take this just because we look like dolls?


Enter Ass-Kicking Gothic Lolitas, a group of us EGL (and EGA!) who are sweet and kind when the situation is in our favour, but aren't afraid to go medieval -- er, victorian -- on somebody's ass if we need to. We're elegant girls, NOT pushovers!

So join up today, share your horror stories, self-defense tips, designs for beating-parasols, whatever! And if you don't, we'll track you down and shove these cookies down your throat. ^_^

If you enjoy your stay at our little picnic, why not join the party at our sister community, loli_biatches, too?

Layout and artwork by nerveless.

1.) Are the Gothic and Lolita Bibles the ultimate authority in Lolita fashion to you? Then turn around and leave now. We don't want any elitist attitudes about what Lolita fashion absolutely and irrevocably is or isn't. We are the nonconformists, the ones who love Lolita fashion and also taking it to the next level of awesome.

2.) If you cop an attitude, then the other members of the community reserve the right to make fun of your stupid ass, then ban you. You're on OUR turf now, so it doesn't matter if you're one of the recently de-lurked or a moderator of some other EGL community. You're going down, just the same.

3.) Please put multiple or large images behind an LJ-cut. One teaser photo is allowed, as long as it is not larger than 450 px by 450 px. If for some reason the photos should not be work-safe (i.e., very gory or bloody Lolita), then please LJ-cut them with a clear warning to viewers.

4.) NO INTRODUCTION POSTS. If you actually have something to contribute to the community, like a photo, a design, or a rant, then you can post it here with a brief "Hi, I'm new" in the beginning of the post. Otherwise, they clog up our friends-pages, and some members of the community will not exactly be polite when expressing their annoyance at this.

5.)NO SALES POSTS. This has been cropping up a LOT lately, and we've reached the saturation point. No more. Unless you want to attach something of actual worth to your crossposted consumer whoring, don't even think about it. Go post it in one of the five billion GL sales communities.

6.) All walks of Gothic Lolita are welcomed to join the community. This includes, but is not limited to: Elegant Gothic Lolita, Wa-Lolita, Punk Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Elegant Gothic Aristocrat, and Western Gothic Lolita.

7.) If you start fights with the mods, you will get banned. As a rule, the mods should be pretty damn pleasant to everyone in the first place. If you have any concerns over something a mod has said, then calmly and maturely state them. Rule of thumb: if your argument will contain the phrase "WTF?!" then don't bother posting it.

8.) For the time being, please do not promote any communities in here without asking the owner.

9.) The following types of posts are acceptable:

Loli-related artwork
Rants about the Loli scene, community drama, etc.
Horrible happenings while dressed up
Photos -- especially those of gory, bloody Lolitas, or of something innovative as far as Loli is concerned.
Clothing designs -- again, we'd like to see something out of the ordinary!
Self-defense tips for Lolis
Pretty much anything else you can think of that would be related to the community

10.) We love Trevor Brown. That's not really a rule, but it just needs to be said.

Please upload these to your own webspace. If you don't have any, go to http://www.photobucket.com and sign up for a free account!

By littlemisseva

By uglylittlewhore

By brokencircuitry

Owner - pussycat_trash
Mods-in-command - nerveless, uglylittlewhore